Salman Khan's sister Arpita REACTS to Katrina Kaif's marriage proposal in Bharat; Check it out

Today, Katrina shared a hilarious clip from Bharat which shows her proposing marriage to Salman Khan. Now, the same video has been shared by Salman's sister Arpita Khan Sharma.
News,salman khan,Katrina Kaif,BharatApart from the usual interaction with the media, the actors have also been posting BTS photos, videos, dialogue promos and are not leaving any stone unturned to market their movie.
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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are on a promotional spree for their upcoming release Bharat. The film which has created an ample amount of buzz in the last few weeks will be releasing on Eid this year. Apart from the usual interaction with the media, the actors have also been posting BTS photos, videos, dialogue promos and are not leaving any stone unturned to market their movie. 

Today, Katrina shared a hilarious clip from the film which shows her proposing marriage to Salman Khan. The 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' actor's reaction to the clip had everyone in splits and now the same video has been shared by Salman's sister. Taking to Instagram, Arpita Khan Sharma shared the funny clip from the film and wrote, "How I wish ! #bharat @katrinakaif @beingsalmankhan".  

The 53-year-old actor has often dodged questions about marriage and does not intend to settle down anytime soon. Salman tends to give hilarious comebacks when quizzed about marriage by the media. So it is only natural if Salman's family members wish that the actor tie the knot soon. 

Check out the video shared by Arpita below: 



How I wish ! #bharat @katrinakaif @beingsalmankhan

A post shared by Arpita Khan Sharma (@arpitakhansharma) on

Isn't this clip from Bharat quite funny? The movie which is based on the 2014 South Korean flick Ode to My Father is all set to release on June 5, i.e. on Eid. Bharat also stars Jackie Shroff, Disha Patani, Tabu and Nora Fatehi in pivotal roles.

What are your views on this new dialogue promo? Let us know in the comments section below.  

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Damn man Katrina is so popular.All her posts garns 100+ comments. Some actress tries so hard like visiting an ex and his parents and talk about their ex and even boxers still they hardly get 10-20 comments. Katrina is a queen for a reason.
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Why should he get married? Let the man enjoy he is all ready entertaining all of you! Is that not enough??

The reason it is not creating buzz is because Salman pr keeps saying ex Kat, living with ıulia, I'm your dreams Kat. N then Salman keeps bullying Kat in interviews, keeps mocking her, making fun of her. Last time he sang songs. Even in dabangg tour he was caring. Now both r keeping a distance with each other.
I think Kat should just say it in public if someone asks about her n Salman. She should just say I don't think Salman is single n available.

If kat had little bit of decency she could have distanced from Salman knowing very well he lives with iulia. Kat is now a flop star. She needs such rumours to stay in the news. Salman happily gives her attention.

Even when she was with Ranbir she use to meet Salman. Go Google. When she hospitalized Salman n his mom was there. Even on birthday she would meet. This isn't a valid point that why an ex is hanging out n working together. If she meets Alia n Ranbir then she can definitely meet Salman with ıulia.
N to be honest this time she is distant to him. N he also mocking her. They can always behave like co stars promoting film.

Arpita is a jobeless goop who knows nothing but giving huge and expensive parties. Disgusting woman also ok with Malaika sleeping with his bf. She cares nothing but to splurge his brothers money and to take advantage of his stardom.

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Shame on you loser beggar Katrina fan . I pity ur mindset, your constant begging and upbringing. Get a life. All fandom who is first to judge others asking not to judge . Haha. See how cheap Katrina fans judging Rk Alia and how the judge and troll Deepika for visiting a sick legend like all stars while she was in NYC. Dont be a cry baby
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Salman should just marry both ıulia n Kat just like his father. These fan wars are really disgusting. Salman loves his family n calling Arpita not his sister is disgusting. N calling Kat prostitute.
He should marry both n give each one a baby. Pir baad Mai ye apas Mai larhte rahen.

Why should he marry her ex kat? Why she is desperate to marry him now after Rk left her?

First let us wait until he gets over Priyanka’s rejection of movie Bharat which he seemed to take on personal level. This guy can’t digest an actress walked out of a movie and has been harping every time he gets a chance. One at a time. Let’s give him some more years to recover from rejection and then he can invest in relationships of either new or old,

Just like it would've taken u years to recover had Salman dropped her from the film.. u also wouldn't have digested the fact that an actress was dropped out of his film.. u would've bashed and trashed him non stop for YEARS to come.. so stop with ur hypocrisy and double standards.. just because Katrina is desperate to marry him and has no respect for his gf it doesn't mean he should be bashed, he's happy the way he is and I really hope he has the babies he's always dreamed of and for Katrina to get off of his back once and for all because he's made it very clear he's NOT interested in her if he wanted her back he would've gotten her back already, it's been over three years since her break up.. she missed her chance, no one told her to cheat him for another guy who wasn't even serious about her her.. Salman did want to marry her but the idiot that she is she ruined her chance.. pv do post my comment.

You are hallucinating him harping over PC exit. tsk tsk... It was PC who begged for the role through Arpita. It's the hungry media who is harping over and asking him the same question everywhere he go. Salman love to provide chappatis to many so he answers them using humor so they can create some news out of it.

I feel for Arpita. Openly wishing for Salman, her brother to have the proposal for marriage is a big thing- so heart touching.

Arpita is fond of Katrina, and always said that, and wishes her for her brother..Nothing wrong if she prefers Katrina. It was her expression.

Did she wished for Katrina? Its just a promotional move. It's wrong as it shows Katrina in a bad light. Shows her some desperate and undignified soul longing for an Ex. Her fans and PR has already earn hate by trolling Other actresses for their ex. Especially Deepika,even recently when she just paid a visit to a sick legend while she was in NYC , pic of which posted by neetu not her.

What a proposal with full command!

Arpita knows how to create hype for a movie. Bharat and salkat Jodi is not creating the desire buzz. She posted this, flared up kat team and despo fans and later change the caption.

54 years old man marrying a 40 years old lady..and people are going gaga over it??

Is she mad? why she wants a user, cheap, cheater and a cunning woman who cheated her bro for another man, only back after being dumped by RK and to save her faded career to marry her brother? well Arpita doesn't love salman and is not her real sister as well. She is a user like Kat.

She didn't cheat on Salman. They broke off a year and a half before her affair with Ranbir. Bhai loves to provide chappatis so he kept quite about the breakup. He knows his crazy fans will turned against Kat and Ranbir. That's the reason Kat never acknowledge her affair with Ranbir when she was in a relationship with him. Arpita invited kat on her wedding, didn't she? Relationships work on feelings nd love. Blood doesn't count. Arpita loves her family.

Please !kat did cheat him with Rk. That's why he always insulted her In public. Which he never did to any of his girls they broke up after she two times him with Rk. Google it and see the reality. Salman Katrina broke with in 2011 while she started dating rk from 2009. He himself call out her cheating at multiple places including his sister's wedding. Rk is the one who never acknowledges his affair with kat. Though she try to show it through her PR news . She even said in an interview that she gets irritated when her boyfriend doesn't acknowledge her arpita didnt invite her for reception, nor in baby shower neither recent birthdays or other events.
Post the fact

It just movie promotions. kat and her over active PR team should not read between the lines.

Who needs an enemy when you have a sister like Arpita

Who needs an enemy when you have a sister like Arpita

Desperate Katrina is here begging and using a simple scene from a move to stay in news.

kat and her fans can go to all cheap levels .but sallu will never ever marry this prostitute

Kat PR on fire by posting so many marriage comments.Beta tum log kuch bhi karlo salman will never ever marry thi expressionless botox buddhi as he knows her true colors

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Gosh her acting in this promo was so pathetic,as always , her diction suckkssss

They clearly belong together and the family wants it to happen too..

they are not together. How can a family wants it to happen by posting a scene from a movie? are u drunk? she changed the caption. she only ignited stupid kat fans and PR

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I wish Salman and Katrina get married in real life too

Keep wishing kat.

They always look married to me!

Katrina relax.

They look gorgeous together pls be together I'm not salman or Katrina fan but u guys look awesome together and anyone finding fault in this pic is a jealous hater.

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Their kids would look amazing though!!

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Why waiting.. You guys should just marry.

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Salman and Katrina’s wedding will happen soon enough.

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For some reason Salman adores her.Even in a gathering filled with other women he focuses his attention only on her


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these two married and living quietly. one fine morning the announcement will come out. please wait and watch.

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Can Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif just get married already in real life too

No they can't as they are Exes and he is dating ilulia.



Kat is a co star. Salman loves Jacqueline too. He can't marry all his co stars.His gf lives with him in galaxy. His co stars don't live with him that's the difference. Now Iulia will return from Romania in a few days. Kat can never take iulias place. Kat's status will be a side chick. Iulia is his gf who lives in galaxy.

For those who think ilulia is not his gf and he will marry user Katrina should die. Kat is just a toy for him.. she is no more different from other aunties . Salman doesn't love Katrina. He loves ilulia. Kat too diesnt loves him but using him for career. As she is nothing without Salman. They will never get married.
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Lol chill Katrina. He doesnt love you. Neither you love him. You ditched Sallu for Rk. Now is back only for career and money. You are worthless without him.
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Now all we need is Katrina and Salman to get married In real life too


Salman make babies with Katrina.

Katrina ,stop this nonsense. He doesn't want babies from you.

They need to get married asap.

You need help asap. He wont marry his ex.

You need help asap. He wont marry his ex.

I mean what should we do to help... Should we kidnap both of them until they say yes.

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Wait, now this post will be filled by Katrina fans and PR begging him to marry her.

Arpita is sarcastic here. She is insulting Katrina aunty like her brother but fools aka Katrina and her fans wont get it.

This despo Katrina is chasing him everywhere.

Salman is not interested to marry this user.period.

Now desperate Katrina fans will say she wants Katrina not Kumad to marry Salman not Bharat. Lol

Gosh!kat is literally throwing herself at her ex.

His sister is just promoting the movie but despo Katrina PR is making a huge deal out of it.

Katrina is begging her ex to marry her.

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