Skin Care Tips: THESE are the BENEFITS of washing your face with just water

Updated on Nov 20, 2019 01:40 PM IST  |  2.4M
Skin Care Tips: THESE are the BENEFITS of washing your face with just water
Skin Care Tips: THESE are the BENEFITS of washing your face with just water

Our skin is constantly exposed to dirt, bacteria, sweat and pollutants. In fact, if you travel every day, the sun also becomes a major enemy of your skin. In such cases you might want to use a face cleanser regularly otherwise it can irritate skin, clog pores, cause acne and blemishes, and increase the appearance of aging. Though cleansers can effectively remove dirt and oil from the skin, the wrong cleanser can disrupt the outer skin layer leading to inflammation. Use a cleanser if you have been sweating heavily, have visible dirt on the skin, or have used heavy cosmetics.

If none of these are applicable to you, washing your face with just water can be adequate. It’s important to keep in mind that healthy skin depends on a number of factors such as genetics, skin type, age, hormone and activity levels as well as your environment. Washing your face with just water may work for some and may not for others.

Nonetheless here are some benefits of ditching the face cleanser!

1. Helps your skin retain moisture


Water retains the natural moisture of the skin and prevents it from feeling dry. This may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rinsing your face with warm water will reduce excessive sebum production and clean your skin of buildup and dead skin cells,

2. Cleansers often dry out our skin


As we age, our bodies start producing less oil. If you are noticing that your skin has began to feel parched after using even a hydrating cleanser, it’s time for you to move to wash your face with water only. 

3. Water does not cause micro tears on the skin


If you use an exfoliator and scrub until your face feels clean this means you are also stripping your skin of its natural lipids that help keep the skin’s barrier intact. Once you reach the age of 30, you might want to replace scrubs with just water.

4. It’s a good way to detox the skin


When you use a number of products on your skin for a long time, the skin becomes dry from overuse. Give your skin a break every few weeks so that it can realign its sebum and pH levels.

5. It definitely saves a lot of money


Some people may just not be genetically predisposed to breakouts or may produce less oil, If you are one of them, you could be unnecessarily spending a fortune on face cleansers. A good wash with just water will keep your skin glowing.

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