Guess who

Guess who? This pretty actress backs out of two film projects owing to financial woes
Guess who? Married actor hooks up with this Bollywood diva on foreign shores yet again
Guess Who? Newbie bags a big film with an A-list star after her mom mends ways with an influential director
Guess Who: This superstar and his co-star find solace in each other post serious relationships
Guess Who? Actress INSISTS sister gets all the limelight, speaks to her superstar 'friend'
Guess Who: This well mannered star is in contrast to his newbie actor girlfriend's temper tantrums
Guess Who: This actor threatens cricketer husband with a domestic violence complaint after scratching his face
This SPORTY actor had another actor UNCEREMONIOUSLY REPLACED for a NEW project
Guess who? Actor's rendezvous with a leading lady forces another actress to hit on her director
Guess Who? 'She's just for the skin show' - Diva makes fun of this sexy actress in her circle
Guess Who: This actor ups the PDA game with his wife to diverge attention from his affair?
Guess Who: This Superstar's second marriage is almost OVER
Guess Who: Leading Producer ALTERS script to accommodate another ACTOR in the film
WHY did the shooting of this TOP ACTOR AND ACTRESS'S recent first schedule get STOPPED abruptly?
Guess Who: This actor who has delivered a DUD wants to replace his RIVAL star in an upcoming film
Guess Who: A bad lip job leaves a permanent smile on the actor's face
Guess Who: This leading lady is shocked and angry that her ex-boyfriend has moved on so QUICKLY
Guess Who: This production company is facing SEVERE financial hassles
Guess Who: This sportsman and his actor wife are heading for a divorce
Did this superstar pull strings and manipulate his way to get a solo release for his film?
Guess Who: This actress is tolerating physical abuse because she is madly in love
Guess Who: This young actress has already become too big for her boots
This veteran couple having an extra-marital affair PLANS on taking their relationship forward
This glamourous actor wishes to resurrect her career following her 'new defined' features
These two star actresses are fighting over their family inheritance
This actresses' inefficiency to play a sportsperson in a biopic is giving her trainer a nightmare
This temperamental senior star on a whim has pushed back one of his movies by a year
Guess Who: This popular star has rekindled romance with his long-time girlfriend
Guess Who: This actress is demanding more fees than the lead actor
Guess Who: This actor wants his sister to break up with her boyfriend
Guess Who: This actress is miffed with PR Hungry Ex-Studio head-Producer
Guess Who: The judges of this reality show are unaware of THIS Dark reality
Guess Who: This actor got his next JUST because of a superstar's good ties with his family
Guess Who: The police report of theft at a Superstar’s house names his co-star
Guess Who: This leading lady is all set to get hitched this year
Guess Who: This Bollywood diva scolds her staff for turning her into her mother-in-law
Guess WHO: This ACTOR may lose a project as he is perpetually HIGH
Guess Who: This superstar and his favourite director had a fall out over the curly-haired actress
Guess Who: This popular actress FAKED her accident just to claim insurance
Guess Who: This FILMMAKER is extremely upset with a popular actor

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement